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Value Proposition and
Benefits Analysis

Novastep is committed to reducing costs, enhancing your savings and positioning you for continued fiscal and professional success. We bring efficiency to your hospital without sacrifice to your patient.

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Quantified Metrics

As the flowchart below explains, we will work with each surgeon and their respective administrators to identify the implant and instrument deployment options that best suit their needs by means of a customized cost / benefits analysis based on the hospital’s own financial parameters.

  • Personalize your practice by comparing costs
  • View your customized report showcasing bottom line savings
  • Contact Novastep to implement your savings

As the hospital or surgery center refines its goals or as its requirements may evolve, the institution is free to adjust their plan without incurring any penalties or additional costs. If you want to restructure your package, we will help you do so and it won’t cost you a dime; there are never any levies, surcharges or administrative fees for any changes in plans.


Clinical & Economic Value

Request a Customized Economic Model to see how Novastep products can benefit your facility as well as your patients. Reach your goal of cost savings without compromising patient outcomes.


To request a personalized cost / benefits analysis and custom-built plan recommendation for your hospital or surgery center, please contact us at