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Novastep products are designed for efficiency, delivering innovative technologies for foot and ankle surgery.

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Novastep brings you a systematized
approach towards operating room
efficiency and inventory control.

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Novastep carefully preserves the natural structural and regenerative healing properties of biological allograft materials.

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Passionately committed to delivering disruptive, innovative implants & instrumentation platforms

Novastep is passionately committed to delivering disruptive, innovative implants & instrumentation platforms and medical education programs to our surgeon users for the benefit
of their patients. We collaborate with key opinion leaders
who are at the forefront of foot and ankle surgery and
we are diligent in collecting, processing and
implementing feedback from our customers.

LinkedIn Company Updates

    LinkedIn Company Updates

  • 1 Months, 11 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Novastep USA

    Dr. Barry M White of Portland, ME presented Novastep’s portfolio during his “Foot and Ankle Reconstruction from Simple to Complex” talk at the Podiatric Residency Education Summit East in Teaneck, NJ on August 11. Over 100 Podiatry Residents and Residency Program Directors attended.  

  • 3 Months Agoview on linkedin

    Novastep USA

    3.0mm/3.5mm Airlock® Forefoot/Midfoot Plating System. Anatomically contoured plates with high strength, low-profile design. Engineered for precise reduction, compression and locking. Powered by cleanSTART® Technology. #FootAnkle

  • 3 Months, 7 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Novastep USA

    Novastep has cultivated a stream of compelling technologies and inventive services, delivering them to the foot and ankle community with efficiency, excellence and distinction. Join us in Boston at the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) meeting on July 11-14, Booth 307 to see what’s next from Your Foot & Ankle Company. #AOFAS2018 #FootAnkle

  • 3 Months, 18 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Novastep USA

    Novastep’s airlock® plating portfolio includes the MTP, Open Wedge Osteotomy, Lapidus, Lisfranc and Utility Plates which are available in a variety of sizes. All Novastep implants are packaged sterile and engineered for precise reduction, fixation and compression. These low-profile plates are designed to limit soft tissue compromise and may be used with the cleanSTART® single-use, sterile packed instrumentation kits. All fixation holes permit usage of Ø3.0mm and Ø3.5mm locking and nonlocking screws. Plate Trials are available for exact fitting.

  • 4 Months, 4 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Novastep USA

    Novastep’s low-profile anatomically contoured airlock® Lisfranc Plates come in two shapes and five sizes to address a wide range of midfoot pathologies. All implants are packaged sterile, down to the very last screw; and if you use our cleanSTART® single-use sterile packaged instrument kits, you won’t even need to pull a single tray. Also available in the self-contained, all-inclusive, procedure-specific airlockGO™ configuration.  #FootAnkle


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