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Biofit™ Wedge System

Pre-Shaped Allograft Bone Wedges

The Biofit™ Wedge System, consists of a variety of size-specific pre-shaped allograft bone wedges for both Evans and Cotton osteotomies and a dedicated trials instrumentation module.  The trials are designed to provide a method of assessing osteotomy space to assist in the selection of appropriate Biofit allograft wedge implant.
  • Pre-Shaped, Size Specific Allograft Implants
  • Stored at Ambient Temperature With a Five-Year Shelf-Life
  • Engineered Specifically for Evans and Cotton Osteotomy Surgeries
  • Provides an Osteoconductive Scaffolding Matrix






T1 T2 L W Part No.
6mm 1mm 20mm 22mm BIOFITE06
8mm 1mm 20mm 22mm BIOFITE08
10mm 1mm 20mm 22mm BIOFITE10
12mm 1mm 20mm 22mm BIOFITE12


T1 T2 L W Part No.
5mm 2mm 15mm 15mm BIOFITC05
6mm 2mm 15mm 15mm BIOFITC06
7mm 2mm 15mm 15mm BIOFITC07
8mm 2mm 15mm 15mm BIOFITC08


Osteotomies are procedures in which bone is cut and then re-aligned, often with new bone placed as a wedge to secure the new position. The Cotton osteotomy involves the medial cuneiform and is used to correct rotational deformities of the forefoot. The Evans osteotomy is a lengthening procedure for the calcaneus, used most commonly for treating flatfeet. Novastep’s biofitWedge System allows for more efficient procedures by eliminating some of the measuring and shaping of the graft material that is frequently required.

Size Specific Trials

The biofit Wedge System includes a compactly organized, ergonomically designed trials instrument module. The size specific trials provide a method of assessing osteotomy spaces to assist in the selection of appropriate biofit allograft wedge implant.

The biofit™ instrument module is fully compatible with all Novastep cleanSTART® instrumentation trays and may be easily interchanged with other instrument modules or added to them within the trays. The cleanSTART® trays feature intuitive layouts, interchangeable modules, light weight construction and space saving designs that eliminate the need for multiple, bulky containers.


Pre-Shaped Bone Wedges

Biofit™ size specific allograft wedges are available off the shelf, for immediate use in Evans and Cotton osteotomies. Intraoperative management of the desired osteotomy is greatly simplified and choosing the correct graft size is quick; facilitating precise corrections, fracture reductions,  joint fusions and bone void fills with minimal prep times.

The biofit™ wedge implants are aseptically processed from human cancellous bone, through bioSTART® Tissue Repair Process to provide an osteoconductive scaffolding matrix that permits bony in-growth.  The allografts are stored at ambient temperature with a five-year shelf-life.







Bioplex™ Amnion Membranes

  • bioplex™ AM
  • bioplex™ UC

Amniotic Allografts

bioplex™ is a amnion membrane derived from human placental tissue and consist of semi-transparent collagenous tissue. The Novastep bioSTART tissue repair process preserves the natural regenerative healing properties of the bioplex™ tissue and the endogenous growth factors responsible for promoting healthy epithelial tissue formation while inhibiting fibrogenesis. Due to its fetal origin, innate regenerative capability of the bioplex™ tissue supports healing without adhesion or scar formation.

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