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Bioflow™ Amniotic Fluid

  • bioflow™ IO

Amniotic Allografts

bioflow™ is a multipurpose, frozen allograft derived from amniotic fluid using the Novastep bioSTART tissue repair process.  Key elements of amniotic fluid include collagen substrates, growth factors, amino acids, polyamines, lipids, carbohydrates, cytokines, and extracellular matrix molecules that are needed for tissue protection and repair. The bioSTART tissue repair process preserves the innate structure and regenerative traits of amniotic tissue, to provide bioflow™ an all-natural liquid matrix.  

bioflow™ IO (Intra-Operative)

A multipurpose amniotic fluid therapy that has been processed for use in a variety of operative procedures. It has potential applications in foot and ankle surgery and other medical specialties and may be conveniently applied directly to the site of injury, inflammation and pain. There is no need to dilute or manipulate the liquid before application, thereby providing maximum strength delivery to the injured or inflamed area. Its potential clinical applications include:

  • Augmentation of tendon, fasciae, ligament and capsular repair
  • Chronic neuritis and pain
  • Complement tissue repair
  • Bioflow™ IO is available in four usefully calibrated sizes


Bioflow™ IO is designed for surgical use to supplement damaged or inadequate connective tissue. Amniotic fluid contains a broad spectrum of growth factors and cytokines (fig. 1) that are known to play important roles in wound healing, cell proliferation and migration, and tissue protection and repair4. These molecules work to aid in the body’s own rejuvenation and healing processes.

Part Number Size
FLOWIO0025 Small, 0.25ml
FLOWIO0050 Medium, 0.50ml
FLOWIO0100 Large, 1.00ml
FLOWIO0200 X Large, 2.00ml

Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid is rich in the components that are believed to contribute to a wound healing response, characterized by minimal inflammatory activity and regenerative rather than scar-mediated healing. These components work to kick-start the body’s own rejuvenation and healing processes.


Easy To Apply

Bioflow™ IO is provided in an easy to apply, flowable form, for precise delivery throughout the intended surgical site. Bioflow™ is all-natural and does not contain storage additives that require dilution prior to use. However, it may be mixed with several solutions to extend the volume being applied.



Amniotic fluids are considered immune privileged, meaning they induce little or no immune response in the patient. Adverse immune responses may lead to complications. No blood typing or donor matching are required.


bioflow™ storage

Bioflow™ is received in a validated shipping container on dry ice. It may be kept in the shipping container for up to 72, 96 or 118 hours (as indicated on the box), or moved to a freezer for storage at -80°C ± 15°C with a 2 year shelf life.


All Natural Protection

Safe and 100% natural, Bioflow™ IO contains no harmful additives. As a result, there is no need to dilute or manipulate the liquid before application, providing maximum strength delivery to the injured or inflamed area.


Quality Assurance

The donor tissue is recovered and processed aseptically, in full accordance with all FDA and AATB guidelines and quality assurance standards in a controlled environment. All Novastep allograft tissue products have been subjected to microbiological studies at recovery and final packaging.

fig. 1 Growth Factors and Cytokines Present in Allograft



4. Bazrafshan A, et al. Activation of mitosis and angiogenesis in diabetes-impaired wound healing by processed human amniotic fluid. Journal of Surgical Research 188 (2014) 545-5521.


Bioplex™ Amnion Membranes

  • bioplex™ AM
  • bioplex™ UC

Amniotic Allografts

bioplex™ is a amnion membrane derived from human placental tissue and consist of semi-transparent collagenous tissue. The Novastep bioSTART tissue repair process preserves the natural regenerative healing properties of the bioplex™ tissue and the endogenous growth factors responsible for promoting healthy epithelial tissue formation while inhibiting fibrogenesis. Due to its fetal origin, innate regenerative capability of the bioplex™ tissue supports healing without adhesion or scar formation.

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