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Bioplex™ Amnion Membranes

  • bioplex™ AM
  • bioplex™ UC

Amniotic Allografts

bioplex™ is a amnion membrane derived from human placental tissue and consist of semi-transparent collagenous tissue. The Novastep bioSTART tissue repair process preserves the natural regenerative healing properties of the bioplex™ tissue and the endogenous growth factors responsible for promoting healthy epithelial tissue formation while inhibiting fibrogenesis. Due to its fetal origin, innate regenerative capability of the bioplex™ tissue supports healing without adhesion or scar formation.

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bioplex™ AM (Amnion Layer)

Bioplex™ AM is a pliable “thin” allograft, derived from the single layer amnion of the placental membrane, providing a versatile graft for a broad range of applications.


Part Number Size
PLEXAM0101 1 x 1cm
PLEXAM0202 2 x 2cm
PLEXAM0203 2 x 3cm
PLEXAM0303 3 x 3cm
PLEXAM0404 4 x 4cm
PLEXAM0406 4 x 6cm
PLEXAM0408 4 x 8cm
PLEXAM0707 7 x 7cm
PLEXAM1010 10 x 10cm
PLEXAM1012 10 x 12cm
PLEXAM0212 2 x 12cm

bioplex™ UC (Umbilical Cord)

Bioplex™ UC is a natural, “maximum thickness” graft, derived from umbilical cord, that provides a high concentration of growth factors and is easy to work with. Bioplex™ UC is approximately 8x thicker than traditional amnion and may be sutured.



Part Number Size
PLEXUC0202 2 x 2cm
PLEXUC0203 2 x 3cm
PLEXUC0303 3 x 3cm
PLEXUC0304 3 x 4cm
PLEXUC0306 3 x 6cm
PLEXUC0308 3 x 8cm

bioplex™ MX (Matrix)

Bioplex™ MX is a flexible, “medium” thickness allograft derived from the placental membrane, offering improved handling and increased workability. Bioplex™ MX is approximately 4x thicker than traditional amnion and can be used for a large variety of clinical applications.




Part Number Size
PLEXMX0101 1 x 1cm
PLEXMX0202 2 x 2cm
PLEXMX0203 2 x 3cm
PLEXMX0404 4 x 4cm
PLEXMX0406 4 x 6cm
PLEXMX0408 4 x 8cm


The Bioplex™ amnion membranes consist of semi-transparent collagenous tissue obtained with consent from healthy mothers during cesarean section delivery.

The Bioplex™ UC unique multilayer configuration increases workability, and improves handling. The membranes may be used as therapeutic grafts in numerous foot and ankle procedures and clinical applications. The membranes are designed to establish a physical wound barrier with innate regenerative capabilities to support healing without adhesion or scar tissue formation.

  • Easily trimmed to enable precise fitting
  • Provides a mechanical layer of protection to the wound site
  • Reliably conform to the site of application
  • Creates a scaffold for tissue repair and remodeling


Bioplex™ allografts are processed to carefully protect the natural structural and regenerative healing properties of the amnion tissue. Endogenous growth factors and cytokines known to regulate and enhance healthy soft tissue, cartilage and bone repair are preserved1,2.

  • Keeps wound sites bacteriologically clean to help promote spontaneous closure3
  • Serves as an adhesion barrier for underlying structures at risk
  • Facilitates a therapeutic wound healing environment conducive to tissue regeneration
  • Establishes an immune privileged, protective anatomical barrier



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Immune Privileged

Amniotic membranes are considered “immune privileged,” meaning they induce little or no immune response in the patient. Adverse immune responses may lead to graft failure or fibrosis. No blood typing or donor matching are required.



Bioplex™ is provided sterile, in double-peel pouches and may be introduced to the sterile field.



Bioplex™ AM requires no initial preparation, applies dry and hydrates rapidly in the surgical site. Bioplex™ UC may be hydrated externally according to specific application. The allograft membranes may be placed directly at the wound site using a set of sterile, non-serrated forceps to manipulate the graft. Orientation stickers enables placement of the membrane epithelial side up and stromal side down. For ease of use, the graft can be placed in sterile saline and will return to its original shape allowing it to be repositioned if needed.


bioplex™ storage

Bioplex™ is stored at ambient temperature until ready for use. Product has a 5-year shelf.


Quality Assurance

The donor tissue is recovered and processed aseptically, in full accordance with all FDA and AATB guidelines and quality assurance standards in a controlled environment. All Novastep allograft tissue products have been subjected to recovery microbiological study and have been terminally sterilized with electron beam sterilization technology.