Corporate Compliance

At Novastep, compliance represents the bedrock of our corporate values and defines how we do business as a company. We are privileged to serve our community and take pride in achieving excellence on behalf of our patients, customers and employees.

Ethical-Business-300x200Novastep’s Compliance Leadership Board oversees the company’s promise to fulfill our day-to-day objectives in accordance with The AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (“AdvaMed Code”) and Novastep’s Corporate Code of Conduct. Since our inception, Novastep, has been dedicated in adhering to all applicable laws, protocols and regulations. Our daily commitment to these essential values helps to ensure fairness, respect and distinction in all dealings with our customers, providers and associates.

We DO NOT offer, promise, authorize or give a bribe in order to gain a competitive advantage, influence the recipient’s conduct, reward improper conduct, or cause another to not act in good faith, impartially or in accordance with a position of trust.

We DO NOT request, agree to receive, or accept a bribe. Business courtesies provided to others must be in conformance with AdvaMed Code and our Corporate Code of Conduct.

We DO NOT partake in any illegal or unethical activity and we will not solicit, promote or accept any physician investment or participation in our company’s assets.


Ethics Hotline

Responsibility for Reporting Suspected or Known Violations:

Everyone associated with Novastep is responsible for complying with our Corporate Code of Conduct and the Company’s related policies and procedures. If you learn of, or suspect, a violation of the Code, related policies or procedures, or applicable laws and regulations in connection with the conduct of the Company’s business, you must report that information immediately. No individual making a good faith report will be subject to retaliation.

Direct Reporting to the Compliance Office:

Via telephone:  917 633 4378 ext.105
Via email at: