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Ring Lock System

Novastep’s Fusionframe™ is the updated configuration of the circular external fixation System developed by Prof. G. A. Ilizarov and is specifically designed for the treatment of Charcot related pathologies including:

  • Diabetic Charcot Reconstruction
  • Redistribution of Loads for Soft Tissue Management
  • Resolution of Bone and Soft Tissue Defects
  • Foot & Ankle Deformity Corrections
  • Management of Trauma Residuals
  • Joint Arthrodeses

Fusion Frame


 1. Full Rings 140mm – 205mm fusnfrme-small-table-images_01
2. Half Rings 140mm – 205mm fusnfrme-small-table-images_02
3.  Foot Plates 140mm – 205mm fusnfrme-small-table-images_03
4. Oblique Support One Size fusnfrme-small-table-images_04
5. Threaded Rods 60mm – 400mm fusnfrme-small-table-images_05
6. Smooth Wire / with Stopper* 1.8mm fusnfrme-small-table-images_06
7. Wire Fixation Bolt** Combination
8. Bolts** 12mm, 16mm, 20mm fusnfrme-small-table-images_08
9. Male / Female Posts and Hinges 1 – 4 holes fusnfrme-small-table-images_09
10. Wire Tensioner Graduated Dynamometric Scale fusnfrme-small-table-images_10

*Not shown in diagram at left          **All hexagonal bolt heads and nuts are 10mm

Targeted Technology

Although suitable for most segments of the skeletal anatomy, the Fusionframe™ was developed to specifically address the extensive requirements of foot and ankle specialists. Its components have been designed to incorporate stability, ease of application, functionality and time saving efficiency.


Versatile, Adaptable, Adjustable

The nearly endless array of Fusionframe™ configurations ensures the right construct for every indication. The System provides full weight bearing
stability and allows you to precisely re – align bones, correct deformities, apply compressive forces, control the gradual distraction of bone fragments, reduce, stabilize and manage fractures. Adjustments may be executed intra and post operatively.

The Fusionframe™ is fully compatible with other Novastep products such as the Nexis Headless, Headed and Snap – off Screws, Lync Hammertoe Implants, Arcad Compression Clips, Airlock Plates and bioSTART portfolio.

Dynamometric Wire Tensioner

The Fusionframe™ Wire Tensioner features a ratcheted plier – handle mechanism that delivers accurate, “one – pump” tensioning with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. The instrument comes equipped with interchangeable jaws for precise access to all possible frame contours.