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Small Cannulated and Snap-off Screws

  • Ø2.3mm
  • 2.9mm
  • 3.5mm
  • 4.0mm
  • 2.0mm Snap-off

The Novastep Nexis® system provides a complete and versatile portfolio of conveniently packaged, easily deployed, low-profile screws designed to address a broad spectrum of forefoot and midfoot indications.

  • Self-Drilling / Self-Tapping
  • Reverse Cutting Flutes
  • Torx Recess Headless Screws
  • Wire Driver Compatible Snap-off Screws

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Technical Characteristics

Anodized titanium alloy (TA6V). Self-Drilling / Self-Tapping screws with a triple sharpened tip. Reverse cutting flutes aid the surgeon in simplified screw extraction. Torx recess protects the screw interface and provides optimal torque. Self-penetrating conical compression cone for headless screws facilitates atraumatic penetration.


Headed Headless Snap-off
nexis-table-header-sizes_01 nexis-table-header-sizes_02 nexis-table-header-sizes_03 nexis-table-header-sizes_04 nexis-table-header-sizes_05 nexis-table-header-sizes_06 nexis-table-header-sizes_07
1. Screwdriver Tip T7 – Torx T8 – Torx T7 – Torx T8 – Torx T8 -Torx T10 – Torx Weil†
2. Head Diameter Ø3.9 Ø4.6 Ø3.5 Ø3.9 Ø4.0 Ø5.0 Ø3.0
3. Guide Wire Ø0.9 Ø0.9 Ø0.9 Ø0.9 Ø0.9 Ø1.4 N/A
4. Thread Length See Below†† See Below†† See Below†† See Below†† See Below†† 1/3 of Screw Length See Below††
5. Core Diameter Ø1.75 Ø1.85 Ø1.75 Ø1.85 Ø1.95 Ø2.65 Ø1.25
6. Thread Diameter Ø2.3 Ø2.9 Ø2.3 Ø2.9 Ø3.5 Ø4.0 Ø2.0
7. Thread Pitch 0.9mm 1.35mm 0.9mm 1.35mm 1.45mm 1.35mm 0.85mm
8. Length 10 – 30mm* 10 – 34mm* 10 – 30mm* 10 – 34mm* 14 – 24mm* 18 – 60mm** 11-16mm
*2mm increments   ** 2mm increment up to 50 then 5mm increments
Wire driver compatible   ††Variable as a function of screw length


cleanSTART Technology

All implants are packaged sterile and deployed by means of the cleanSTART™ Dispenser. The Nexis® Small Cannulated and Snap-off Screws and Instrument Kits are ready for immediate use; hospital inventory is easily managed and reliably tracked. Tubes are color coded by screw diameter. Wide choice of lengths ensures a complete portfolio of user friendly implants.

quickTube Deployment

The quickTUBE™ containers are color-coded and include multiple, UDI-compliant, adhesive backed data matrix labels that are encrypted to facilitate accurate billing and tracking for each implant, right down to the specific part and lot numbers. This advanced UDI labelling system ensures full adherence with monitoring and traceability protocols, from point of production to actual patient.







Single Use Instrument Kit
for Nexis 2.3, 2,9, 3.5 & 2.0 Snap-Off

A Nexis AO T8 screwdriver tip for 2.9 / 3.5mm screws
B Nexis AO T7 screwdriver tip for 2.3mm screws
C Nexis snap-off screwdriver tip
D Nexis Ø1.75 canulated drill bit for 2.3 / 2.9 / 3.5mm screws
E Nexis Countersink reamer Ø2.75
F Nexis guide wire / K-wire Ø0.9 for 2.3 / 2.9 / 3.5mm screws
G Ruler Lg 80

Single Use Instrument Kit
for Nexis 4.0

A Nexis AO T10 screwdriver tip for 4.0mm screws
B Nexis Ø2.7 cannulated drill bit for 4.0mm screws
C Nexis Ø3.7 countersink reamer for 4.0mm screws
D Nexis guide wire / K-wire Ø1.4 for 4.0mm screws
E Ruler Lg 80