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Lisfranc Plates

  • H-Plates: Small, Medium and Large | T-Plates: Short and Long

The Airlock Lisfranc Plates were designed to provide fixation for acute Lisfranc injuries and fusions of the tarsal-metatarsal joints. At 1.5 mm thickness, the plates provide minimal prominence and low profile contouring.

  • Monoaxial & Polyaxial System
  • Indication specific precountoured plates
  • Anatomically positioned compression holes


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airlocking non-airlocking 3.5locking 3.5-nonlocking
1. Screwdriver Tip T8 – Torx T8 – Torx T8 – Torx T8 – Torx
2. Core Diameter Ø2.0 Ø2.0 Ø2.35 Ø2.35
3. Thread Diameter Ø3.0 Ø3.0 Ø3.5 Ø3.5
4. Length 10 – 30mm* 10 – 30mm* 10 – 40mm* 10 – 40mm*
*in 2mm Increments


Treatment of fresh fractures

The airlock osteosynthesis plating systems are indicated for stabilization and fixation of fresh fractures, revision procedures,
joint fusion and reconstruction of small bones of the foot and ankle.

  • Monoaxial & Polyaxial System
    – Ø3.0mm & Ø3.5mm.
  • Indication specific precountoured plates.
  • Anatomically positioned
    compression holes
    corresponding to areas
    with high bone density.
  • Low Profile design reduces
    soft tissue irritation and
    subcutaneous discomfort.
    Plate thickness: 1.5mm.
  • Titanium TA6V ELI Alloy.



cleanSTART™ Technology

All implants are packaged sterile with self-adhesive data matrix labels and deployed by means of the cleanSTART™ Dispenser console. All Airlock® Plates and Screws are ready for immediate use; hospital inventory is easily managed and reliably tracked. Tubes are color-coded by screw diameter. The wide choice of plate sizes and screw lengths ensures an ample portfolio of user-friendly implants.

Environmentally responsible.
Novastep reducing our carbon footprint. CleanSTART single-use instrument kits have neutral environmental impact when compared to the average CO2 equivalent annual emission of a hospital using conventional re-usable instrumentation.


Single Use Instrument Kit
for Airlock Plates

A Airlock Screwdriver tip AO T8
B Airlock Drill Bit Ø2.0mm
C Airlock Locking & Compressive drill guide Ø2
D Airlock guide wire / K-wire with Olive Ø1.0
E Airlock Depth gauge with Ruler Lg 80

Lisfranc Plates Trials

A Lisfranc H-Plate and T-Plate Trials