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Open Wedge
Osteotomy Plates

  • 0mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm wedge lengths

Low-profile plates, smoothly contoured design, permitting accurate placement with minimal incision or soft tissue compromise.

  • Locking / Non-Locking Screw Compatibility
  • K-Wire Holes For Provisional Fixation
  • Trial Plates For Exact Fitting
  • Low-Profile, 1mm Thickness
  • Harmonized With Airlock Instrumentation Platform
  • All Implants Are Sterile Packed with Multiple, Self-adhesive Data Matrix Labels


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airlocking non-airlocking
1. Screwdriver Tip T8 – Torx T8 – Torx
2. Proximal Thread Pitch
3. Distal Thread Pitch
1.0mm 1.0mm
4. Core Diameter
Ø2.0 Ø2.0
5. Thread Diameter
Ø3.0 Ø3.0

Basal Osteotomy / Open Wedge Plates

Anatomic, low-profile locking plates designed for the treatment
of Hallux Valgus. The system is fully compatible with the Airlock® Plating instrumentation platform.

  • High strength, low-profile 1mm thickness is designed to provide stability and limit the degree of incision
  • Opening wedge (Left & Right) plates come in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm spacer options to fit with the relevant correction
  • ISO5832-3 TA6V titanium alloy delivers strength and inherent modulus of elasticity
  • Threaded plate holes are compatible with locking screws to provide axial stability and non-locking screws for versatile range of insertion trajectories.
  • All implants are sterile packed for deployment to the OR via the cleanSTART™ Dispenser consoles







cleanSTART Technology

All implants are packaged sterile with self-adhesive data matrix labels and deployed by means of the cleanSTART™ Dispenser console. All Airlock® Plates and Screws are ready for immediate use; hospital inventory is easily managed and reliably tracked. Tubes are color-coded by screw diameter. The wide choice of plate sizes and screw lengths ensures an ample portfolio of user-friendly implants.

Environmentally responsible.
Novastep reducing our carbon footprint. CleanSTART single-use instrument kits have neutral environmental impact when compared to the average CO2 equivalent annual emission of a hospital using conventional re-usable instrumentation.







Single Use Instrument Kit
for Airlock Plates

A Airlock Screwdriver tip AO T8
B Airlock Drill Bit Ø2.0mm
C Airlock Locking & Compressive drill guide Ø2
D Airlock guide wire / K-wire with Olive Ø1.0
E Airlock Depth gauge with Ruler Lg 80

Airlock Plates MT Trials

A MT Plates Trial