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Novastep AirlockGO

AirlockGO system combines UDI-compliant sterile packed, single-use instruments kits and implants into a ready-to-use holder. Designed to benefit the patient, surgeon, and facility providing a streamlined case-specific approach.

Novastep Lync Hammertoe Correction System

The Lync Hammertoe Correction implant features a single-piece, bifocal, barbed leg configuration, designed for small bone intramedullary insertion.  Simply Ream, Rasp and Reduce. The multi-purpose implantation Forceps feature a uniquely designed Lock and Load capability that permits convenient implant to instrument transfer, rapid insertion and manual, one-click compression.

Novastep Nexis Cannulated Screws

The Nexis screws system provides a complete and versatile portfolio of conveniently packaged, easily deployed, low-profile screws designed to address a broad spectrum of forefoot and midfoot indications.

Novastep Arcad Nitinol Compression Clips

The Arcad Compression Clips are delivered at ambient temperatures, the Nitinol (NiTi) ASTM F2063 memory metal structure induces balanced inward (“pushing”) forces. By pre-loading the clips with the Arcad Forceps, the legs are then inserted into the guided pilot holes. Once the forceps are released, the memory of the metallic alloy exerts a compressive force on the legs as demonstrated in the diagrams above.

Novastep Airlock MTP Plates

The Novastep airlock®  MTP plating system was engineered for precise reduction, compression and locking during treatment of first MTP joint pathologies; plate configuration safeguards optimal position for arthrodesis and placement of complimentary fixation.

Novastep Airlock Lapidus Plates

The Novastep airlock®  Lapidus low-profile plating system designed to explicitly facilitate the Lapidus approach for first MTP cuneiform arthrodesis deformity correction procedures.

First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis – with plantar screw and Airlock® dorsal plate

First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis – with Arcad® superelastic compression staples